Real results from products that really work

As well as all the hype in the media, here's some feedback from LipSense customers.

"My favorite product is LipSense. I tried it at a beauty trade show over 6 years ago, and I have not been able to wear anything else on my lips since (I became a distributor the very next day!). I have tried some of the other "long lasting" lipsticks on the market, and they simply do not even come close to comparing."

"I had braces on my teeth at the time, and was dealing with dry skin issues, on my lips. That problem was solved almost immediately. LipSense seems to seal in your own natural moisture, and then the Shea Butter/vitamin E combo in the LipSense Gloss is enriching and moisturizing. What a superb product combination". - Char O. 

"LipSense lip color is absolutely the most AMAZING product! A lip color that doesn’t bleed or feather and stays put! What more could a woman want? Now I don’t leave a trail of lipstick where ever I go and my lips are finally healed with Shea Butter glosses! Finally, a long-lasting lip color that really works! "- Kaylen Y. 

"I absolutely can’t live without LipSense! I have a scar on my lip and LipSense is the only product that will stay on my scar." -Emily H.

"I have tried every  lip liner. LinerSense is the only lip liner that works the way it is suppose to. It lines and defines with out bleeding". - Loni S.

"LipSense Glossy Gloss penetrates the lasting lip color and really hydrates your lips! There is no smell and no oiliness like all those other brands. I have yet to find a gloss that is as rich, moisturising, odourless, taste-free and fantastic as this". - Michele A.

"When I found SeneGence I had recently moved to hotter climes. My lips were cracking and painful. Of course I tried every waxy product on the market with only painful results. Then I found LipSense Gloss. Within one week my lips were healed. I have not had dry lips for almost eight years now. I love my  LipSense Glossy Gloss".
- Crystal R.

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